FAQ’s With Duke’s Career Center

Q: Where do most Duke Students gravitate towards after college?

A: We really can’t say. Duke is a liberal arts university and we encourage students down a multitude of post-undergraduate paths. In the career center, we have the tools to assist students interested in a diverse array of careers.

Q:I feel like Duke is finance oriented. How do I approach the job hunt if I am not interested in this sector?

A: We are not just about finance at the career center. We have great relationships with all types of companies and firms outside of the banking sector. Have you thought about opportunities at companies like Mckinsey or Boston Consulting Group? We recommend starting with these opportunities. Explore!

Q: Last summer I worked at a nonprofit dedicated to improving water quality and small, impoverished Indian villages. I really got a lot out of that experience and would love to continue similar work.

A: Great! We think non-profit work is admirable and looks great on a resume. Apply for Duke Engage. In your case, we see Bain & Company as an excellent fit. Bain has established two new offices in New Dehli and is seeking candidates just like you. Though you won’t be doing much service work, you can witness the many non-profits in New Delhi during Bain’s orientation tour around the city.

Q: My quantitative skills aren’t very strong and I’ve always been interested in teaching. Do you have any recommendations for a first job?

A: Have you considered Deloitte? They have a great higher education consulting service that would match your interests perfectly!

Q: For the past three years at Duke, I have loved studying history. I would love to continue this in a professional setting, but I feel lost in terms of where to start. Any ideas?

A: We’d suggest you look at companies like Parthenon Consulting. The name of the company is perfect for a history major like you.

Q: I love entrepreneurship. I like working on small teams, having some autonomy, and building my own projects. Where can I continue to be creative?

A: Small classrooms to small teams. An easy transition for you! Accenture would be perfect. With a mere 400,000 employees, this cozy firm will surely foster your creative and entrepreneurial spirit.

Q: I love long hours and problem solving. The idea of working on different business-oriented projects and traveling over the course of the year sounds great to me. I have excellent communication skills and I’m interested in a well-paying job. Do you have any suggestions of a career path I would be interested in?

A: Absolutely. We would recommend you schedule an appointment M-F from 9-5 pm, but on a first read it sounds like you would be an excellent candidate for a job in multimedia!

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