November 2017

Fake Kickstarter


Campaign Name: A Duke Student Worthy of Your Time
Campaign Goal: $30,000

Campaign Info:

Hi there, welcome to my Kickstarter campaign. My name is Addison McCaughley, and I am a junior at Duke studying Public Policy, Arabic, Chinese, Dance, and I am getting the AMI certificate, and I have a healthy social life, and I exercise 2-3 times a week, but I usually don’t break a sweat, and I read 4-6 hours a week for pleasure, and I eat 1-3 meals a day on average, and I keep up with politics. This sounds like a lot, right?

That’s where you come in!

I am a very busy, complex, interesting, and worthy individual who needs your help. Going to Duke is a draining and costly endeavor. While I am fully supported by my parents (thanks, Papa and Mama!), I still find myself needing a good chunk of money to support myself at Duke, and my folks will only pitch in so much.

I know my goal $30,000 sounds like a lot, but hear me out. I need about $20,000 of it for a few extra curricular projects (for a full breakdown of those activities, visit my website I need the next $5,000 for Fall Break, Spring Break, and Beach Week arrangements (I hear we’re going to Cabo this year.) The next $3,000 goes towards investing in the community of Durham (I love the Parlour and all the construction projects downtown — a new skyscraper, just what we need to put us on the map.) The remaining $2,000 goes towards gas and parking tickets and incidentals.

Risks And Challenges:

I might drop out to pursue my dreams, but at that point I already have your money and I don’t think you can get it back.


Pledge $10 or more:

A handwritten thank you note on my personalized stationery.


Pledge $20 or more:

A shoutout on my website (find link above.)


Pledge $50 or more:

I’ll make a personalized Spotify playlist for you.


Pledge $200 or more:

I’ll get you (or your child) a wristband to the next big party.


Pledge $1,000 or more:

I’ll have dinner with you (or your child) at the restaurant of your choice (however you will be paying for this.)


Pledge $5,000 or more:

I’ll stay friends with you (or your child) even after I graduate.

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