February 2022

Dear My Professors Who Gave Out Midterms On Valentine’s Day

Dear my professors who gave out, daresay,
Dreaded midterms to their students, on Valentine’s Day:
Why did you make so many assignments due?
That’s not what I meant when I said I want something (or someone) to do.

The love of knowledge must surely know its bounds
when the season of romance comes back around.
Because when I reflect on my English class, and think back on it
I don’t expect to read to my date a Shakespearean sonnet

You gave me a test, February 14th, at the worst possible time.
Any take home midterm due at midnight that day should be a crime
Because instead of having dinner-for-two at our regular spot,
I’m reading all about DNA transcription as my brain slowly rots.

When did you decide to stab us in the back?
Has your heart turned black and cold in dismay?
Surely empathy is what you lack
If you watch in glee as our free time decays.

Did you allow some hours for us college students to goof?
Or did you expect us to spend that night working on proofs?
Did you plan on acknowledging the young hearts looking to mingle?
Or did you assume that we’d be just like you this year: single?

Now that it has come to the end of my monotonous day,
I just have a couple things I’d like to anonymously say:

I hope your internet goes down at your house.
I hope the nearby frat takes your inner peace and rocks it.
I hope a mouse invades your department lounge.
I hope your dog eats all your chocolates.

Duke Confessions Admin

Dated February 15th, 2022, 3:27AM.

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