DDO Issues January 2019

Rush Tips

Hey freshmen! Remember when you walked onto Duke campus, said goodbye to your parents, and forced yourself to make friends with those around you? Yeah, that was FDOC. And because we can’t think of any better system, we decided to relieve the same awkwardness you felt on FDOC through RUSH! What better way is there to get to know the people in a frat/SLG? Well, if you’re reading this article, which came out in late January, I assume it didn’t work out so well for you. But that’s OK! Now that rush season is over (at least for you, you lonely fuck), here are some tips so you do better next year.

  1. Always talk about tenting
    1. This should give you 3 minutes of conversation time, before the conversation gets awkward. Bonus points: talk about those you’re tenting with and the crazy stories you have living with them, that’s two more minutes.
  2. Don’t be yourself. Do you think this is how people get into SLGs? You’re pretty boring in comparison to those around you. Laugh about other jokes and have a crazy story ready to mention to others, even if it’s fabricated.
    1. Bonus points: if you’re telling your crazy story, act like you forgot about the people you were with. This ensures that you don’t have to come up with random names in the process.
  3. Speak the first second you can. You’re not going to get far in rush if you can’t talk with others. For example, if someone mentions their favorite dessert as part of an icebreaker, go ahead and mention that dessert reminds me of one moment, say, uhhh, the donut you had for breakfast. Was it tasty? Probably not, but it is a dessert and technically on-topic!
    1. Bonus points: If you make up a talent on the spot that you don’t have, for example, comedic writing, wow. Amazing improv skills. Hey, you should probably talk about those as well!
  4. At parties, alcohol is your friend. To ensure best results, take a drink every time there’s an awkward pause in your conversation. That’ll loosen you up and you’ll be more free to talk.
    1. Bonus points: Take a drink when you laugh at a joke only because others were laughing at it. Side note: If you somehow don’t blackout, either you have god-like conversation skills, amazing tolerance, or you just barely made it home.
  5. Keep talking to someone even after others around you leave. It’s not a sign for you to rotate, it’s a sign for you to develop the connection right in front of you. Stare deep into their eyes as they talk about themselves and you’ll find what makes them special. After that, you’ll be able to connect well with them.
    1. Bonus points: Search their name into LinkedIn while they’re not looking and hopefully you’ll see where they’re working as well ;)). Act surprised when you meet them in person outside of rush events, that’ll ensure that person remembers you.


Disclaimer: The author rushed 4 SLGs this year and didn’t make it to Round 3 in any of them.

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