Young Trustee YT

Trey Walk

Just a reminder that these are real quotes from the real Trey Walk.

Department Of: Fuck, marry, kill: Norm from the barn, the bull at Shooters, the Robert E. Lee statue?
Trey Walk: Mmm. Okay, the Robert E. Lee statue has to die so that’s first. Um. (long pause) I guess fuck the bull cause it’s kind of a sexual experience, like riding it. And then um, I guess I’m gonna marry Norm.

DO: What’s your sign?
TW: I’m a Leo.

DO: Okay. All of the young trustee candidates are unique and interesting and worthy. What makes you the most interesting and unique?
TW: (long pause) I  am the newest member of Duke’s saxophone studio which is really fun so maybe I’ll bust out the saxophone during the campaign. Pull out a little Bill Clinton. Um, but in seriousness I think I’m the candidate who has really lived out my values since I’ve been here. Spent time building relationships with people so that being Young Trustee, my perspectives can really be grounded in how the decisions impact people’s everyday lives and I think that is something unique I am bringing to the board.

DO: What’s your best party trick?
TW: If I’m really feeling it, I’ll bust out a split. But I have ripped a few pants doing that so I try and save it for really special parties or events.

DO: Favorite meme?
TW: Oooh, there’s so many. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. My favorite meme is the little girl who is sitting in the car and she has the wig on and she’s like, (waving head around) “Stiff where? Stiff where? No stiff.”

DO: You dropped affiliation with Cooper in January of last year “partly because of diversity issues.” How did you think that you dropping Cooper would help their diversity issues, given that you were the one who supplied their diversity?
TW: (Laughs) Um, a couple of things. I think that for me a bigger part of it was disagreeing with like, the system in general and not wanting to participate in the rush process. I remember, my freshmen year and my sophomore year, just how devastating rush can be to so many people. And for me, that cost to people’s mental health wasn’t worth um, you know what the payout was to certain people who are in SLGs, like having that really good experience at other people’s cost, so that was the biggest thing for me. I think that that diversity point, that’s really funny. I mean I think it’s, for me, I felt like it was more important if I believed that if independent life or some other social system had more to offer that it was important to like take part in that and live that out and show people that that was an option rather than stay in an SLG and be the diversity.

DO: Speed Round. Describe yourself in 50 characters.
TW: I am a thoughtful Leo from a small town. (40 characters)
DO: Hotdogs or legs?
TW: Oh, I haven’t had a good hotdog in a long time.
DO: Ginger or soy?
TW: I think I am a little bit allergic to soy.
DO: Kylie Jenner or the egg?
TW: Whatever egg you are talking about, yes.
DO: Fill in the blank: You know you’re a Duke student if _________.
TW: If you love this place and think that you want to leave here and change the world.

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