What I Say in Networking Sessions and Interviews:

What I Mean in Networking Sessions and Interviews:

“I’m fascinated by the dynamic nature of interdisciplinary pursuits.”

“I went to the Career Center once to use the bathroom.”

“I’m an avid reader. I just finished Infinite Jest, and I really find that its effulgence is undermined by its tedium.”

“I have heard of Infinite Jest.”

“I’m great with people. I excel at engaging people in conversation.”

“I am having trouble engaging in this conversation.”

“I have expert knowledge with Excel.”

“I’m 20 years old and I possess a computer.”

“I have expert knowledge of social media.”

“I’m 20 years old and I possess a computer and 924 fake friends.”

“His values and mine don’t align, but I was able to overcome our differences and move forward with our goal.”

“He peed on the floor of our common room and I had to clean it up.”

“I’m familiar with the typical college social scene and have no problem navigating it.”

“I have consumed Aristokrat vodka while sitting on the floor of a taxi.”

“One of my peers…”

“Someone whose tongue has been in my mouth.”

“One of my co-workers…”

“Someone I met at this event ten minutes ago.”

“One of my co-peers…”

“I have been drinking.”

“My professional experience is comprehensive and transcendent.”

“I have a LinkedIn.”

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