Halloween Costumes for You and Your Loved One(s)

1. President Brodhead and Cindy Brodhead

2. 17-year-old, 38-year-old, and Fetty Wap

3. Minions

4. Sexy Minions

5. Dead Minions

6. Kylie Jenner before and after

7. Zombie Tidal (condolences to our dear friend, Jay-Z) and Apple Music

8. Martin Shkreli and Daraprim

9. mutH, mutL, and methylated DNA strand

10. C1 bus, C2 bus, C3 bus, C4 bus, C5 bus, and one car that they’re all honking at

11. Carly Fiorina and an hp printer (must make printer sounds)

12. A polar bear and the last generation of children that will know what it is

13. Pope Francis and his lil’ Fiat

14. Baby Ruth Bader Ginsburg

15. North, West, Blue, and Ivy

16. Matthew McConaughey, a Lincoln, and his booger

17. Allison Williams as Peter Pan and Brian Williams as Pinocchio

18. Wayne LaPierre and preventable tragedy

19. Coach Krzyzewski and hordes of screaming supporters

20. Paul Modrich (sp?) and politely clapping supporters


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