Halloween Costumes for You and Your Loved One(s), Pt. 2

1. You, Mr. Steal Your Girl, and Your Girl

2. Alice Walker Texas Ranger

3. Vladimir Putin, his dog Buffy, and Buffy the vampire slayer

4. Rachel Dolezal before and after (may result in Duke’s next scandal)

5. Bernie Sanders and several quagmires

6. Audre Lorde of the Rings

7. Big Time Rush Limbaugh

8. Ms. New Booty and Ms. Old Booty

9. Gloria Frankensteinem

10. LDOC Co-chairs (must release hype video first)

11. Curiosity (the rover) and a dead cat

12. Merman Melville

13. The white/gold/blue/black/teal/orange/magenta dress (Instructions: All wear the same dress. Tell everyone they are different colors. Fight to the death if anyone mentions the actual color.)

14. Trap Queen Elizabeth II

15. David Cameron Crazies

16. Ariana Grande Latté and the licked doughnut

17. Mike Huckabee and Kim Davis

18. Trevor Noah’s ark and all the animals (including Ted Cruz, Donald Trump)

19. Marilyn Monroe v. Wade

20. Slutty Foucault

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