Crocs: Not just for nurses and toddlers who don’t know how shoelaces work

You’ve seen her on the C1. You’ve seen her on the Shooters dance floor. You’ve probably Yakked about her. We sat down with the Duke Croc Girl to see what makes the legend tick.

Hello Croc Girl. To start off, when did you first get into Crocs?

I was obsessed with Crocs ever since I first saw them in 3rd or 4th grade. But my mom wouldn’t buy me a pair. She said they were too expensive. So instead she bought me a pair of croc-offs-

Excuse me, croc-offs?

Yeah, croc-offs. Croc knock-offs. Without jibbetz. I wore croc-offs until I was in high school and I could afford pair of legit, 100% real Crocs on my own. I have been unstoppable ever since.

So, why Crocs?

I think they represent a certain individuality that is lacking on Duke’s campus. Everyone wears sneakers, boots, flats, tennis shoes, running shoes-

So, shoes?

Exactly. Everyone wears shoes. Crocs aren’t shoes: they’re a lifestyle. Everyday when I wake up, I take pride in knowing that I am stepping not just into another pair of shoes, but a persona. I am the Croc girl. No one else is. And no one can take that away from me. When people stare at my feet on the bus or in line at ABP, I stand a little taller. Before I wore Crocs, I was just like everyone else. But from the second I bought my first pair, I was no longer insecure or anonymous or boring. It’s a confidence thing. And when people get to know me, they realize I am more than just my Crocs.

Have you ever received backlash because of your choice of footwear?

I remember being told that I wouldn’t get into a sorority because of my teal Crocs, and that boys wouldn’t like me because it was all too much. The haters told me that I needed to be careful, because Crocs are known to melt and get caught on escalators, and whatever. But I really didn’t care and I’m doing pretty well for myself now.

I stopped wearing Crocs in elementary school because they just were not practical. They have holes in them, stuff gets in them, they are made out of foam, they have little support– I could go on. How do you deal with the pitfalls of Crocs?

While, yes, rocks and pieces of glass can make their way in my Crocs, when I’m wearing them, I feel invincible. Nothing can stop me, not even the sight of blood oozing from my Crocs.

Is there anything else people should know about the Croc Girl?

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