October 2020

Duke Specific Halloween Costumes

Ghosts of disgraced administrators past: Get your friends together and do this in a group. The only thing better than one Larry Moneta? Five Larry Monetas.

Sheet ghost: You won’t be using your tent this year, so you might as well put that excess fabric to good use. Just cut out holes for eyes and voila—no one has to see the extra 10 pounds you gained during quarantine.

DSig brother: They may not be on-campus anymore, but we’ll never forget the anger we felt when every single one of them somehow became investment bankers. The two friends you invite to your socially distant Halloween gathering will love watching you block the door and ask them “Who do you know here?”.

Zoom: This one is perfect for the most toxic person in your friend group, you know, the one who you can’t stand but inexplicably spend all of your time with? Great option for anyone who wants to avoid mindless conversation—literally no one will come anywhere near you all night.

Police officer: Prove that you are the most problematic and out-of-touch person on your floor. Offend absolutely everyone for no reason. Just don’t do this.

Anything related to COVID-19: This is the laziest costume of the year, but you can justify it by saying “When I look back at old photos, I want to make it clear that I spent Halloween during a pandemic.”

Sweatpants and a t-shirt you probably got for free at a Duke event: This is the perfect costume, because the only correct place to celebrate Halloween is in your own home. Don’t go anywhere. Don’t gather. Just spend the evening in bed watching Halloweentown and eating copious amounts of discount candy.

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