February 2021

From Sappho to Siwa: An Ode to JoJo

From ancient Greece reigned Sappho,
Lyrical lesbian, poet extrodinare
Wooing women with poems, with violets
With just a twirl of her long, brown hair.

But Sappho’s poems were fragmented and old
Unfit for the readers of today,
The lesbians needed someone new, someone bold
A fresh icon to sweep them all away. 

TikTok saw her sing “Born this way,”
And met her with a chorus of “hey mamas”
She refuted with a post to say “I’m taken,”
Confessing her love of her (one-month) girlfriend for the drama.

A new force for the (L)GBT,
JoJo Siwa came (out) onto the scene.
With a bow-adorned high ponytail swinging,
Jojo exuded both power and a new beginning.

This is an ode to you, dear JoJo
May you live and love happily as you tote the (rain)bow.

Cheers! To the newest d*ke on the scene,
And all hail our new lyrical lesbian queen!

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