DDO Issues March 2019

My Night with Jordan Goldwire as My Wingman

Clear skies, 70 degree weather, and my best friend Jordan Goldwire by my side as we roll to Shoots to score points with girls.  I know “the Wire” may average just under a point a game on the court, but when we’re on our home floor, the Shooter’s dance floor, we are a dynamic tag team, like Sharkboy and Lavagirl.

I’m the best hype man to Duke MB’s best hype man.  I always keep his stats, and he’s a walking quadruple double to all advanced statisticians that care about per 36 averages.  Smile, 10, arms, 10, chest, 10, attitude, 11. He has just about as much clout as Shooter himself, when he’s given the time off the bench.  This one time, we totally double high-fived Zion, and it wasn’t even that weird!

But there is a side behind J-Gold’s beautiful brown eyes that doesn’t necessarily get the media’s attention: the soft, personal side, the one that picks you up when you fall off the Bull Ride (after he kindly pays for it), carries you over puddles when it’s raining and looks you in the eyes when you speak to him.

Can’t wait for breakfast with him tomorrow morning 🙂

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