DDO Issues March 2019

Mixer Themes

You’re a Greek Life social chair.  You’ve got your new PC. They’re the best damn one.  And your little is the best of the best. Now it’s your time to reward them with a great mixer.  Often it can be confusing what’s okay and what’s not. So here at Department Of, we’ve compiled THE ULTIMATE GUIDE to good and bad rhyming mixer themes.

Good idea: Snookies and bookies – This mixer is 100% Jersey Shore.  It’s raunchy, rowdy, and a ridiculous good time.

Bad idea: Snookies and ookie cookies – Still raunchy, but definitely not an idea that’s going to go over well with your peer social chair.  Not a bad idea, however, to forward this one to your frat’s pledge master.

Good idea: Easter bunnies and your bubby’s – This is a great one especially for those NY natives.  Literally PERFECT to impress SNu

Bad idea: Fuck buddies and old money – You might be tempted to put this on the good list right?  Nope. Nope. It’s so close, but please keep it classy.

Good idea: Patrick star and that girl from the bar – This one is all sex appeal.  It combines what men love the most with what women love the most. Your little is definitely getting laid.

Bad idea: Mad Hatters and All Lives Matter – Nope.  We’re not that Southern.

Good idea: Hot teacher and an old geezer – A new spin on a sexy classic.  Fun and mysterious—this theme will impress. Your peer social chair will definitely be thinking about you at this mixer 😉

Bad idea: Sea creatures and guilty preachers – Honestly this one is also a great excuse to wear bathing suits in midwinter and sounds kind of sexy. Wait no no it doesn’t.  I promised I’d never think about him again.

Good idea: Lifeguards and bards – Something about bathing suits and old men still seems kind of right.

Bad idea: Really hard in the yard – If you thought this was okay, get your shit together.  I mean seriously have some class. I shouldn’t need to say this again.

Good idea: Pretentious bro and expensive hoes – High class dress will make everyone forget just how ratchet they’re being, and give them the okay to keep doing what they’re doing.

Bad idea: Dead hobos and the snow – This one really makes a local point, and it’s also Definitely NOT okay.  But considering how removed Greek Life is from Durham; you might just get away with it. Snarty on brother.

Good idea: Biblical hero and total zero – This theme’s definitely more on the alternative side, but as they taught you in Hebrew School, it’s important to embrace all parts of your own and everyone else’s identity and hey what are we if not angsty teens?

Bad idea: Deep Sea Divers and California fires – Though it also definitely sticks to a strong related theme; you’re messing with some still very real and recent tragedies.

Well the list ends there.  I wish I could help more, but I’d probably dig myself into a very deep hole trying to list out every bad possible mixer.   I hope you came away from this with some inspiration and that you learned some things. If not I clearly cannot help you. Good luck.  Have fun! And stay safe!

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