DDO Issues March 2019

Best Places to Nap

  • The Sazón line at 1 PM: Don’t worry, you can take a quick 30 minute power nap before you even have to say “bowl to-go, please.”
  •   Any bus stop waiting for the C3: If you get there after it leaves, sorry buddy you’re gonna be like an hour late. Hey, perfect opportunity for a nap, though. Thing is, you’ll never know when to wake up because Transloc Rider is definitely gonna have goddamn tracking issues.
  •   Class: Oh c’mon, that lecture is so complicated you just need to close your eyes and concentrate on the dialogue.
  •   Gothic Reading Room: Quiet, peaceful, and close to the center of campus. All you gotta do is push some couches together and take a siesta with all the Duke presidents and founders staring you down. And the annoyed students. Never mind, just be productive for once honestly.
  • Jordan Goldwire’s Lap: Must I explain?
  •   Durham Light Rail: Ahhh, there’s nothing better than catching a few Z’s on your commute across town on the fast, efficient transportation system.

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